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23 December 2015 @ 02:48 am
193: Quiver  
There is nothing like the rush of a self-administered orgasm.

Indeed, the process is both clinical and natural, depending on how much one is intimately familiar with the needs of her body and mind. The hard work one must put in just to achieve that crowning apex of ecstacy can prove to be a very agonzing chore; made only exciting by the flexible and fertile imagination that one must be readily equipped with.

To reach that desired destination, one must not hesitate to probe the erogenous layers of her mindscapes, coaxing and carressing every eager, soft and taut place, and sustain those many vulgar and romantic images of pleasure and play that light up the spheres as one closes her eyes to dream and breathe in the enticing thoughts.

One should never forget to worship the heat between her thighs where the center of the universe dwells by wrapping her legs fiercely around a nearby pillow, and allowing the texture of the cotton of her panties to slide against the swelling clit in a taunting and maddening repeated motion that is steady at first--and then increasingly frantic--so needy and mindless--and way, way past conscious caring.

One should allow the suffocation to take over and flood the senses with the anticipation of completion; to wretchedly surrender to the narrowing of the space around her as breathing begins to grow faint and erratic; to hold on in spite of the aching of certain joints, and to whimper in an almost insane yet quiet whisper at the tight curling of the stomach.

This will soon be followed by a slow and almost surreal spillage within the already soaked confines of her most sacred spot.

One must never forget to trace a map, outlining the valley of her her bare breasts with shaky fingers as they slowly reach down to bury the digits within the slick passage and find contentment in sleepy solace that the hunger has been satiated and both the body and mind are thoroughly serviced by no other than their best lover--one's dedicated self.
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Listening to: "True Believer" by Dragonette