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06 March 2016 @ 05:21 pm
On Writing 01: A Sketch of Recent Events  
Back in 2008, I started reading two manga works dutifully because the bookstore chain in the mall where our privately owned tutorial center was situated in allows for customers to browse and read books before they buy them. Since I can't afford to buy the manga themselves, I opted to just read, and one of the two titles that captivated me was CLAMP's xxxHoLic which was probably one of the most creative piece of sequential art and fiction that I have read at that time. Sadly, since they ran out of the volumes, I had to stop reading it and only watched the anime adaptation at least about a year later. Afterwards, I have completely forgotten about it in a way that I didn't bother to find out how the story ended. That was until February of last year. I mentioned in one of my entries here that I began devoting a copious amount of my time reading and reviewing American superhero comic books particularly Batman and X-Men (and Vertigo's Hellblazer: John Constantine). I had blog spites dedicated to reviews about each issue, volume and classic story arcs from those titular characters. I don't remember exactly why I decided to read xxxHoLic again except that I was able to download other manga then, and somewhere in my research of titles, I stumbled upon a spoiler of what happened to the female protagonist Yuuko Ichihara, and that was when nostalgia hit me, and I remember once again how much this manga truly intrigued the first time I read it at eighteen. I knew I had to read it from the beginning and for the next two months, xxxHoLic took over my life, most probably because the characters and its philosophy have found me at a time when I needed such perspective and insight to help me get over some things that have plagued me; issues that were hidden from me for a while until the characters themselves reflected these experiences that I've been going through.

I'm a consummate geek so there are so many major fandoms that I consume so it never fails to surprise me that I can still manage to find some space for a new one. I'm more than gratified to allow xxxHoLic to become a part of that complex, multi-faceted hemisphere of nerdy interests. After all, the real testament of how much a work truly becomes valuable to me is once I start writing fanfiction for it. The only two reasons I joined LJ back in 2006 was because of (1) roleplaying journals of anime characters and (2) writing fanfiction for anime. The last major fandom I got to obssessed with writing fanfiction for was Death Note, and then years later I started writing for A Song of Ice and Fire but there was really only one piece of fiction that I was writing for it (which is still ongoing as I type this entry). I made an AO3 account to post two X-Men: First Class fics (because I bleed Charles/Erik) but I never got to finish them at all. They are still pending and I'm not even sure if I ever want to pick them up. Somehow I decided to write for xxxHoLic and six months or so later I was able to finish seven stories which were all part of my SNAPSHOTS series. It was an accomplishment I was so proud of. After all, I'm still active at Goodreads writing reviews for books I've scheduled to read, so being able to juggle my obligations at work as an English tutor, and my fiction writing for xxxHoLic was incredibly satisfying! I'm also watching latest episodes of 14 favorite shows weekly (plus podcasts; I'm a really busy geek with a hefty bulk of interests, okay?!). In a nutshell, I've pretty much established the most effective way to juggle all my extracurricular writing and hobbies.

What I did neglect in the last two years is writing consistently here in my LJ which has been around since 2010. I used to fill this place with all of my musings and updates of my daily activities especially back in college when there was plenty to rant and get excited about. However, just this weekend, I got into a mood to resurrect this blog and that was when I decided to spruce up this journal with a brand new design layout, and it was nice. I decided that I have to start writing in an online diary again, discussing my writing and its process because I used to be able to do that. Though my updates here would be sporadic and irregular, I plan to do exactly that from now on. I will always consider myself a storyteller at heart and a writer by calling, and though my writings are usually on fanfiction these days, they remain valid and important to me especially because the characters and their struggles reflect so much of my own tragedies and issues.

In writing these stories, I'm able to tackle about my own inner demons, most particularly the idea and proces behind the story FREQUENCY which I will discuss about for my next entry.
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