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16 May 2016 @ 11:48 am
197: Normal and Good Endings  
I was feeling romantic and sexy, but very much still anti-social, so I've been playing visual novels this past week alone. Aside from re-discovering this pleasurable gaming exercise, I've been writing more xxxHoLics fanfics as well, with two ongoing projects so far (Entwined Hearts and Other Glands and Queasy, Teasy and Nothing Easy). However, I've also been writing for another pairing who are Kirei/Gilgamesh from the Fate series, which I will discuss in detail here in LJ one of these days because they are such a dark, sociopathic contrast to Doumeki/Watanuki that they are certainly worth a discussion. I'm passionate about Kirei/Gilgamesh, and I enjoy writing about them.

Speaking of the Fate series, I started playing Fate/Stay Night which is the original visual novel of the franchise. I managed to accomplish the first of the three routes which is the Fate one with Saber as the love interest. It took me only two and a half days, three to four hours each. I was more than prepared to get through the sex scenes involved because FSN is an erotic gameplay. But I gotta say--I was still shocked, repulsed (and maybe even a little titillated) of the porn sequences I never asked for. As for anime adaptations, I've seen both the 2006 anime (which adapted most of the Fate route), and the recent 2015 one Unlimited Blade Works with Rin Tohsaka as the love interest. My most favorite Fate will always be the light novel Fate/Zero, written by a diffent author, as well as its anime adaptation. That being said, the VN Fate/Stay Night was an enjoyable experience (even though I skimmed through portions of text-heavy narrative and dialogue 70% of the time, given that I already know a lot about the canon). FSN was really challenging too. In VNs, you have three possible destinations: the Good, Normal and Bad endings. I had acquired three bad endings for the Fate route, but after much perseverance going through a lot of the protagonist's bullshit and mundane activities such as breakfast, I did get all the way to the end. Now I just set it aside for now to prepare for the UBW route next. My real target is to get to the last route, Heaven's Feel in anticipation for the upcoming 2017 anime movies. I have watched walkthroughs of that route in YouTube, so I pretty much have the gist of what to expect (more boring breakfast and other food-related non-events). EXCEPT for Kirei Kotomine gulping down mapo tofu. Anything that sociopathic priest does is badass, including eating. Srsly.

He likes it spicy and so do I.

The other visual novel I'm currently playing is something I stumbled upon by happy accident called Amnesia: Memories, and it's freaking fantastic so far. It's a recent VN and has a different approach and look than FSN. First of all, I much prefer Amnesia because its animation and effects were much more recent, and the English translation of the VN was great in comparison to FSN. But that's mostly because Amnesla doesn't lend itself to purple prose which FSN has a tendency to do (mostly for the porn parts). FSN is a more challenging game though, given that it's a series with copious amounts of world-building and leaning strongly on the shounen genre (plus some irritating harem aspects). That being said, Amnesia is female-centric because the protagonist is the unnamed heroine the gamers will play as, while FSN has an established hero named Shirou Emiya (WHO IS THE WORST). I named my protagonist Silk (and Wine). There are four love interests who are all represented by a deck of cards. We have Shin for the Hearts, Ikki for the Spade, Kent for Clover, and Toma for Diamond. There is also the Wild Card Ukyo (the joker possibly?) and he creeps me the fuck out. I think I have to complete all four first before I can unlock him as a love interest---that's my theory though. Maybe he's just there to troll and threaten the heroine with imminent death. That's basically the shit he pulls when he and the heroine are alone together. ANYWAY, when I first started playing the game, I picked Kent because he's the glasses type: intellectual, seemingly frigid, and a complicated overthinker. In other words--MY TYPE OF ANIME GUY. In just four hours, I breezed through it, landing myself into the Good Ending without any kind of complications. Kent and I are just meant-to-be.

And that's including the time he made me a fucking handmade mathematic workbook as a romantic gesture. He made me solve equations and shit, by the way, and I hate math and would have murdered him just for pulling that shit. But hey, I love the guy anyway. That's true love conquering all, okay? Even math problems.

I can't say the same for Shin, though. I kept getting the Normal Ending. And I've repeated that route obssessively for FOUR FREAKING TIMES. It's worth noting that I played both Kent and Shin routes all in one Sunday yesterday. I started 3PM with Kent and that lasted for four hours. I started with Shin around 10PM or so, and tried to get the Good Ending but never could. Around 4AM in the morning, I decided to give up and try to find a cheat code online by the next day. When I did find one, I was still at work but then it occurred to me that perhaps the reason I can't get a Good Ending with Shin was simply because my heart was not in it. When I was playing the Kent route, everything just felt instant and organic. I was invested in Kent as my love interest. I was falling in love with him. With Shin--it was a matter of completion and possession. I don't think I really liked him. I was even really suspicious of him and could not trust him. It's possible that subconsciously I never really want to have a happy ending with him, and that's exactly what the game gave me. I should just be thankful I didn't get a Bad Ending, right? I think the best course of action is to stop pursuing Shin when it's obvious I never had real feelings for him as a gamer who played the heroine. So, when I pick up Amnesia again tonight, I'll go to the next ones (Ikki and Toma) and just leave Shin alone with our Normal Ending together. Much like relationships in real life, you can't force love and chemistry after all. Hopefully, I would have a better shot with Ikki and Toma next. Now if you excuse me, I have a roleplay game to set up so I can charm the panties off an unsuspecting lady. Y'all free to watch.
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